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David Icke – Was he Right?

Posted by ierofantis στο 26 Απρίλιος, 2008

Every day, more and more people get frustrated about the world they live in.
To live in this planet is getting more and more difficult.


There is a feeling, an unconscious little voice that tells us «YOU ARE MANIPULATED»
We cannot explain it, but is there.
However, we do not listen to that voice. Our inner part shouts, it tries to warn us, but we do not listen. Our «logic» supresses our inner helper, it hypnotizes it.

WHY are we manipulated? and by WHO?

Some people listened to their inner parts and believed. They changed their lives. Driven by their humanitarian sense, they tried to amplify their, our inner voice, surface it and convey it to us.

HOW difficult is to say that to whole world? «YOU ARE MANIPULATED»

David Icke is one of the people that for many years now, he shouts.

Was he Right?

A Channel 5 documentary, a chronicle of David’s career to present day



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